Cambridge_symbol_518_20 (1) What makes us different?

At Cambridge, we specialize in helping successful entrepreneurs turn their business efforts into wealth. We have earned a reputation for achieving exceptional results for our clients. We professionally plan and execute the sale transaction to maximize your exit value and get you the best deal the market has to offer.

This requires:

  • Identifying what makes the business attractive to buyers
  • Understanding what drives buyers’ interest and pricing decisions
  • Working with you to minimize any value impediments
  • Exceptional knowledge of deal structures
  • Negotiation expertise
  • Deal management expertise
  • Great advice, objectively developed

Cambridge has the global reach, market knowledge, relationships and deal making experience to help you maximize sale value.

Is Cambridge a good fit for your business needs?

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Our clients appoint us because we deliver:


We are an independent, specialist investment banking boutique wholly-owned by our active client-serving partners. Our fee structures are primarily success driven, so we are highly motivated to succeed for you.

Dedication to client service

We established a boutique specifically to enable us to work with a limited number of clients and achieve the best for each client. We deliver unmatched client service. We communicate clearly, fully and frequently to ensure you remain in the driver’s seat as the transaction advances.

Problem solving ability

Very few, if any, private companies are perfectly positioned to meet every need of the most interested strategic and financial buyers. Over the years we have demonstrated our ability to creatively and effectively enhance value before and during the transaction process, enlarging the group of highly motivated buyers, and enhancing price.

Global reach

We approach strategic and financial acquirers directly wherever they are located in the world.

Deal expertise

While no two companies or situations are exactly alike, our deal-making experience enables us to anticipate issues, advise effectively on value-enhancing deal structures, negotiate the best price and terms, and work seamlessly with your other professionals and management on legal documentation, due diligence, employment contracts, tax and other issues that arise during the process.

Personal attention

We know that selling your business is likely the largest and most important transaction you will ever undertake, that emotional as well as financial factors are relevant, and that the ultimate result will be a key measure of your success in business. One of our partners will personally be your key contact, attend every meeting, conduct key buyer approaches and negotiations, and coordinate the efforts of the Cambridge team and your other advisors.